Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wow, it's been too long!

For anyone that actually cares to read my updates, I apologize about the lapse in time. I have had so much going on & just simply haven't had the time to blog. But I'm back & have a lot to catch you up on! For starters, I have not lost any weight since I last blogged about it. I'm pretty bummed, but more determined than ever to hit the treadmill. I also have a Yoga class scheduled twice a week for the whole month & firmly believe that it will help me stay motivated & reach my goals!

Of course it didn't help that we just celebrated Thanksgiving and as usual went ALL out with the food & desserts. My sweet little family of 4 took a road trip to Jacksonville, FL to see family and enjoy the holiday with my ill mom. The time in Florida was amazing and it was so nice to see everyone! Wish I could say the same about the drive :/. We live in Kansas & had to drive 1/2 way across the country in 2 days. My 5 & 4 year olds did pretty good for the most part, but there were times that I was really wishing we had privacy glass between the front & back of the car. We had only gotten 20 minutes into the 20 hour drive when I lost count on how many times I heard "Are we almost there" and "I'm bored". Really?!? They had DVD players, video games, books, coloring books & baby dolls. I knew then that it was gonna be a LONG trip! It was long, but well worth it. We all enjoyed being back "home" & soaking up the Florida sunshine! Now we have a fire going as its in the 30's & raining with snow in the forecast for tonight.

We made it back safely last weekend & have fallen back into our normal routine of school, work & ballet. This weekend we are focusing on getting our Christmas tree & other decorations up! My husbands dad (aka Grandpa) is coming from Florida to visit next week & we're looking forward to seeing him. I love having house guests & I love the holidays so this month is shaping up to be a fabulous one! In fact within the hour we're going to drop the girls off at a friends house & go to my company Christmas party which happens to be a catered brunch (complete with Mimosas) at the Opera House!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the last month of 2011! Wish me luck that I go into the new year minus at least 5 pounds. I suppose that means I have to stay away from the Christmas cookies :) I will blog again soon. Until then...goodbye y'all!

Quote of the day: "My escape from reality? Reality TV."

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