Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's a Wrap

Happy Weekend everyone! It's Saturday night & we just got in from a dinner party with some amazing friends...the Thielmanns. I regretfully did not fit in my workout for today as promised, but I did walk a lot throughout the day with my many errands so I kinda think that counts?! Tomorrow is another day!

Mia had a soccer game today & I love the chat time I get with my friend Amy. Her daughter plays with mine & sometimes it seems there is nothing better for the soul than the relationship you have with girlfriends. They can be your voice of reason in times when you simply need a women's perspective. Don't get me wrong, the friendship I have with my hubbs - Bill is amazing, but girlfriends are different. They are more fun to shop with, they genuinely listen to you when you need a sounding board & they understand the little details that men just don't get! My thought for the day: love your need them & they need you!

I am calling it a night after my several blueberry martinis and pumpkin cheesecake (low fat!), but I will write more tomorrow. Hope this weekend is a relaxing & productive one for everyone.

Goodnight Y'all!

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  1. So true. Women need close girlfriends in their lives; it's essential! Yum~blueberry martinis?? :)