Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I haven't posted anything in a while, so I'm playing catch up on the last few days. For starters, my 30 day challenge ended up being more like a 15 day challenge because I have fallen off the wagon in a BIG way! I did great for 2 weeks & then no coincidence that when I stopped blogging (& holding myself accountable) I slipped. For example, yesterday was my youngest daughter's Birthday. She turned 4 & had her choice of anything she wanted for dinner. She chose pizza (go figure) so I ordered my girls pepperoni & ordered myself (my hubbs was gone on Army business & missed the birthday) a new artisan spinach & feta from Dominos...Amazing by the way, but I ate way too much. I have also eaten large, fattening breakfasts twice this week. I usually don't eat breakfast (coffee only), but we all brought in a little something in honor of Boss's Day on Monday & I took my daughter to breakfast at I Hop yesterday. I feel disgusting this week because of my poor choices & plan to turn things around starting today! I have had coffee only so far & hope to get back on track & not look back!

My 4 year old, Kacey had a great Birthday, but woke up vomiting this morning. My husband, Bill said that no one should have to wake up sick the morning following their birthday until they hit 21. Good point! I'm staying home with her today & watching her rest peacefully. She's so pitiful, hope she feels better soon!

We had a local Chamber function for work Saturday night & it was SO much fun. It was a Vegas themed event & even Bill had a good time. This was the first time he would meet most of my coworkers (including my boss) so he wasn't sure what to expect, but the drinks & conversations were flowing beautifully and the night was a hit. We have a company picnic/bonfire this Saturday for the whole family at a nearby lake. The company is providing the beer & dinner and we just get to bring ourselves and have a great time. Hope my little peanut is feeling better by then because we're all looking forward to it! What a cool company to host such a fun, laid back event!

In a nutshell, things have been good except my eating. My brother & his family just left yesterday to move (they are military too) & it was a sad day for all of us...I'm very close to my brother, his wife & kids! Other than Kacey being sick, the girls are doing great with soccer, ballet & school. Bill & I are better than ever and life couldn't be better. Wish me luck as I continue with the challenge. I think this time I will call it  "my personal best" challenge. That way I don't feel as guilty if I can't uphold all 30 days.

Goodbye y'all!

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