Monday, October 3, 2011

Crazy 8's

I'm pretty sure today was one of the weirdest days ever. I can't pinpoint exactly what made it so strange, but things were just wonky all day. Besides a strange day, it also happens to be the 8th day of my 30 day challenge. I must say I did pretty good. I got my littlest munchkin a kids meal from BK & snuck a few fries (my biggest weakness) & a nibble off a chicken nugget, but other than that I was very strong willed! I had a 1/2 of a grilled chicken sandwich with a side salad for lunch & small portion of PF Changs Chinese for dinner!

Tomorrow the plan is to fit in a 30 minute cardio workout & hopefully start back with Yoga later in the week! My bestie, Tarasa is the kind of girl that can make you sick when it comes to her discipline. She looks fabulous because she has stuck with a strict workout regiment for years & almost always eats right (I think she would look fabulous regardless, but she swears it comes with hard work:) I envy her dedication & value her support! I finally feel like I may also be on the right track to a healthy lifestyle. I try not to refer to my challenge as a diet because I'm hoping to continue with the new eating habits & exercise routine from now on...not just until I obtain my goals! You know its bad when your little girl says in front of God & everybody "mommy, your belly looks kinda big...are you having a baby?" Ummm no sweetie - I'm not, but thanks for drawing attention to it!

Along those lines, my new favorite find - Bean Burrito from the diet menu at Taco Bell. It's yummy, filling, low in fat & calories and cheap! If that's your kind of thing, give it a try.

Goodnight Y'all

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